Thermage CPT is the treatment if you don’t want, or need surgery but you’re looking to tighten your ‘’saggy skin’’ not only around your jawline & chin but also:

• Arms
• Belly
• Thighs
• Neck
• Cellulite
• Knees
• Buttocks
• Eyes (upper & lower eyelids)
• Face

Finding a solution to tighten and lift ageing skin non-surgically has been a tricky task. We have tried and tested machine after machine to find the answer to this concern of our clients. Finally, our never-ending quest to deliver the latest in innovation led us to the Thermage CPT machine.

With Thermage, a one-off treatment is all that is needed to experience the great results we have been seeing! For more severe ‘’skin sagginess’’, a follow up treatment 12 months’ post treatment may be needed.

The fact that you can have a Thermage CPT treatment or RF skin tightening treatment on your lunch break and walk through our doors feeling on top of the world without the extreme downtime which can often come as a result of surgery – made it a simple choice for us to provide this service in our clinic.

Thermage CPT is a TGA approved patented third generation equipment that delivers tripolar technology, which provides significant improvement from its predecessors in terms of comfort. Thermage CPT delivers heat energy into the skin to stimulate collagen remodeling. The main difference, and the reason for our new unforeseen excitement is the immediate effect on the skin, the deeper penetration and overall better client experience –no downtime and a far more comfortable experience.

The science behind this amazing piece of technology is the CPT which stands for ‘’Comfort Pulse Technology’’, the vibrating hand piece and redesigned treatment tips. The vibrations provide an added comfort replacing the need for anaesthetic The newly designed tips heat up and then cool down effectively to provide better comfort. This action is provided by the CPT software, which is able to control the delivery of pulses that promises to deliver a uniform and enhanced heat distribution resulting in even and efficient results.

The new tip technology is also unique because it is able to detect skin temperature and then automatically adjust the delivery of energy. This feature really appealed to us as the machine is unable to melt fat or move Dermal Filler that has been injected.The new technology as the in case the skin temperature increases above comfortable level, the machine will have an alert message that will be shown on the screen to tell the physician& cut off treatment in that particular spot.

Having experienced a treatment & performed the Thermage CPT treatment on our clinic owner Gaynor Simpson, we can absolutely vouch that Thermage CPT is the best radio-frequency system for lifting, tightening & contouring.

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