That time of the year is here where your nose is running and your skin is pale and dry, what a wonderful time of year it is (not). So we thought that we would make a list of tips and tricks to help you through this hibernation period.

Firstly, drink your damn water! Sounds like a given right.. well you’d be surprised how many people don’t drink their damn water. The skins your largest organ right? So just like every other organ it requires hydration. It is unfortunately the last organ to get the nutrients that the rest of our body so selfishly gobbles up soooooo add this super dehydrating climate in to the mix and you’re basically an apple in a dehydrator. So just drink your damn water, a lot of it, okay.

Secondly, keep on top of your bodies intake of fatty acids (in particular omega 3) eat foods high in them! These foods include salmon, nuts and hemp seeds just to name a few. These will help keep the skins cells healthy and keep your protective barrier in tact for these colder times.

Thirdly, SNUGGLES. Oh my goodness how good are THESE. Grab your partner, your cat, your dog and force them to love you while you watch the newest episode of love island. In all seriousness though body-to-body contact stimulates the release of oxytocin or the ‘happy drug’ which has been proven to lower depression, anxiety and your blood pressure. HOW IS THAT! We’re pretty much larger human soothers. And we all know if you feel happier then everything else also feels happier.

Now lets get into the BUSINESS, lets talk products.



Super AOX


The explanation is in the name really. You know how we were speaking about snuggling WELL this this is a cuddle in a bottle, for your face if that cuddle were PACKED with antioxidants. It has the protective effects of vitamin C, the hydration and calming effects of vitamin E and to throw some extra L.O.V.E in the mix it also contains cocoa butter, I mean what have you been doing with your skin this winter if you don’t have this in your cabinet! This wonder moisturiser also has Matrixyl 3000 in it which, to toot its own science horn, stimulates the neo-synthesis of extracellular matrix macromolecules via gene activation = LESS WRINKLES AND FINE LINES.

So while your face is being hugged its also being Benjamin Buttoned – I mean COME ON.

ILY Super AOX.



Hydra SQ

This is the one you call when you need a little more, you know? This is our fast, deep penetrating oil like moisturiser WITHOUT the oily feeling. You know when you feel so dry so you go and do the slather yourself in coconut oil thing which leaves you feeling ultra slippery sleazy, wellllllllll have no fear Hydra SQ is here and will give you allllllllll the hydration without the used chip grease paper feel. Squalane is an all natural product derived from sugar cane, and it mimics our body’s own oils which allows it to penetrate quickly and without residue. You may have heard about its ugly sister before squalENE which comes from shark liver oil and goes rancid quickly – we don’t use that. Other studies have also shown that certain carcinogenic chemicals are de-activated when exposed to squalane over a period of time.

So verdicts in if you ask me, the ultimate TLC for your skin – hydration and protection could you want more from this guy!?


  1. Nanosome Copper Peptide

Nanosome Copper Peptide


You’re probably thinking nanosome who? Speak English damn you. Well, ‘nanosome’ meaning sophisticated naturally composed vehicles offering the possibility of a fast and effective delivery of ingredients – that ingredient being Copper Peptide.

For a long time copper peptides have been recognised for their miraculous and healing effects on the skin. So basically what Cellbone has done is stuck this god like ingredient in a tiny Ferrari and said DRIVE B*&%$# down the M1 which is a direct route down to your dermis where the party begins!

And voila! you have direct stimulation of your glycosaminoglycans – They form the bulk of an important support system called the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) or the mattress of your face. All this babble equals a more even, fuller, healthier skin. I could drink this stuff (if I was allowed)(I’m not).


So there you have it, 6 fool proof tips on how to stay hydrated and beautiful this winter.

READY, SET, GO ! xoxo

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