If you’ve looked into innovative methods of fat reduction, it is likely that you’ve come across Coolsculpting. In fact, the best Coolsculpting providers will tell you that demand for the service has increased exponentially. You may have heard that Coolsculpting is the leading fat freezing treatment in the world. However, why is it so increasingly popular? Let’s take a look at this technique and the reasons it is successful at helping people reduce fat through a non-invasive method.

What is Coolsculpting?

Before understanding why Coolsculpting is so popular, it is first important to understand exactly what the procedure involves. This method utilizes fat-freezing technology in order to help people reshape and effectively contour their bodies. The process involves the application of a gel pad and applicator to a problem area. This applicator then utilizes a controlled cooling process in order to kill fat cells.
The process can feel a bit chilly at first; however, this sensation tends to go away as the area becomes numb after a few minutes. Additionally, a vacuum is utilized to increase the contact between the applicator cup and the fatty tissue, meaning that most people feel a slight tugging of the skin. After a Coolsculpting session, the body utilizes its natural methods to remove dead fat cells from the body, helping contour the targeted area.

Why is Coolsculpting so Popular?

With over eight million applications around the globe, Coolsculpting is becoming incredibly popular for many reasons. First, the process is non-invasive, as opposed to surgical options such as liposuction. This means that people can easily fit a Coolsculpting session into their day with little disruption to other plans. Patients typically return to their normal activities directly afterwards.
Coolsculpting also succeeds by recognizing that every person’s body is different. Thus, a consultant works with patients to identify goals and the best option for applicators. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan aimed at achieving their goals and transforming their body.
Finally, Coolsculpting actually kills and removes fat cells. Methods such as dieting can be effective in reducing the size of fat cells, but does not reduce the number; Coolsculpting does, prompting the body to remove dead cells. By destroying fat cells, the best Coolsculpting sessions can reduce subcutaneous fat in treatment areas by up to 27% in just three months.


Is Coolsculpting Right for Me?

Only you can make that decision. However, many people are recognizing Coolsculpting as a convenient and effective method of targeting problem areas. CosMediSpa serves as one of the best Coolsculpting providers on the Gold Coast with experienced clinicians. You can take advantage of skin care consultation in order to learn more about the procedure, discuss your goals, and help determine if Coolsculpting is right for you.