That perfect peach is treatments away with TruSculpt flex – an innovative muscle sculpting, toning, firming treatment able to target small and large muscle groups, with clinical studies showing an average of 30% increase in muscle mass. The incredible results CosmediSpa has seen with the Trusculpt flex modality make it a popular treatment among our clients due to its effective and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

What does the procedure entail?
After your consultation is completed, a specified treatment plan discussed and forms are signed, one of our dermal therapists will set you up comfortably on the treatment bed. Here we create a customised application of up to 16 handpieces placed over the selected muscle groups. The treatment mode replicates your gym work out – think crunches, twists, and squat actions. The multiple modes of Trusculpt flex mimic your morning gym workout – conditioning and stretching the muscles to build tolerance to higher intensity contractions, strengthening your level of endurance, and increasing your body’s basal metabolic rate to speed up metabolism. Our patients report better performance in sports and in the gym!
Redefining your muscles is a personal experience – each TruSculpt flex application is catered towards your bodies specific shape, goals and fitness levels to achieve an optimal outcome. Healthy men and women will benefit immensely from this revolutionary treatment – sculpted abs, perky peach, and arms to flex in as little as 4 x 45 minutes treatments.
How to get the most out of your treatment?
Prep is simple – ensure you are well hydrated before your treatment, avoid working out the muscles we are targeting 12 hours prior and for men please shave the area before your appointment. High protein meals before and after your appointment is always a plus!
Post treatment is a breeze – Trusculpt flex requires no downtime and no muscle recovery time. Patients can return immediately to normal activities. Muscle soreness or tenderness in the area 24-72 hours post treatment is completely normal.

Look at our fantastic results on the arms – utilise the power of muscle stimulation and get that pumped-up muscular definition!
Does it hurt?
The Truscultflex modality is working the muscle groups for you, so some patients can find the treatment uncomfortable. You’ll be happy to learn that each treatment is customisable to your own capabilities – your treating therapists is there with you every step of the way, adjusting the settings to your body’s capacity as required. We don’t want any straining or over-worked muscles so we will never go over your fitness threshold.

  • Are you the right candidate?
  • Wanting to build muscle prior to an event?
  • Toning the body to be in your best shape possible?
  • Post-partum healing and wanting to build muscle safely and effectively?
  • Recovering from an injury and unable to work-out like before?
  • Experiencing back-pain?

If you answered yes, then Trusculpt flex is the perfect treatment for you!
Trusculpt flex combines muscle stimulation and exercising to bring you to your best shape possible so take advantage of today’s technology by booking in your complimentary consultation at CosmediSpa. Our clients like to customise their treatment plan with a combination of Coolsculpting and Trusuclpt, to not only reduce stubborn pockets of fat but tone the body for a complete body transformation. To chat all things body contouring with one of our experienced dermal therapists, phone one our friendly reception on 55 800 403 or email for more information.
By Riley McDonald
Dermal therapist