Why spend endless hours torturing yourself squatting and lunging just to build a better butt, when we have a treatment that will do it FOR you?

If you had the choice between:

  1. Spending years at the gym to make your butt more high, perky and strong; or
  2. Relaxing on your stomach four times a year whilst a painless machine did the same thing

which would you choose? Is there even a choice to make?

truSculpt® flex is a personalised muscle sculpting machine that strengthens, firms and tones your muscles by an average of 30%. truSculpt® flex uses unique Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to replicate intensified squatting actions to strengthen, tone and lift your butt.

truSculpt® flex can also be used on your stomach, thighs, biceps and calves. Book in a consultation and your consultant will discuss all of your options with you.