It’s crucial to prepare your skin for ANY skin treatments – the skincare you use daily is just as important as the skin treatments you have done. Preparation is everything! You wouldn’t expect to bake a cake without first preheating the oven, would you? Our beautiful skin is delicate and precious and it’s the face we put forward every day, so laying the groundwork with your skincare allows us to build on top with skin treatments.

More benefit and lower risk are the top two reasons for preparing the skin with products prior to a treatment. Supporting the journey of the skin with high quality, active products allow for the skin to build its integrity – supporting the post-treatment process of healing in the quickest and safest way.

Due to incorrect use of skincare, unprescribed routines, misinformation, and environmental factors – the skin’s delicate barrier (functioning to protect from external threats like chemicals, allergens as well as protection of water loss) if damaged can lead to unwanted side effects like discomfort, reactions or longer healing time. We don’t want this, so preparation is key!

But What Products Should I Use?

Retinol is a hero ingredient in skincare. It is derived from Vitamin A and is most effective for its use as an anti-ageing and pigment reducing product. Vitamin A when topically applied penetrates the layers of the skin, entering the DNA and repairs it – this looks like reducing fine lines, pigmentation (sun damage & hyperpigmentation) wrinkles, acne scars, and rosacea. Retinol speeds up the skin cell turnover, so it assists in the exfoliation process. Retinol does have a reputation for being a strong product, so we suggest beginning with a lower percentage in order to introduce it to your regime. Or alternatively you may be instructed to alternate days of the retinol product.

Vitamin C is a serum that penetrates the cell layer to offer hydrating benefits whilst smoothing fine lines, correcting hyper-pigmentation and UV protection.

Vitamin B optimises the cell barrier function and is an essential vitamin, also commonly referred to as niacinamide. This potent product is hydrating, treats hyper pigmentation, promotes skin elasticity, decreases redness and balances the oil flow to the skin – it’s our multi-tasker! An essential to ensure the skin is in its optimal operating capacity to best handle any skin treatments we do and recover quickly post treatment.

Physical SPF better known in the skincare world as zinc oxide, provides a physical barrier from UV rays and acts as a powerful ingredient to offer anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

We recommend the Cellbone Australia range – A perfect blend of science and nature working in harmony together.

Your dermal therapist may recommend other products to your skincare regime including those to appropriately take care of skin POST treatment. If you want to find out more, book in for your skin consultation today!

By Riley McDonald
Dermal Therapist at CosmediSpa.