Your skin is on display to everyone you interact with on the daily, so why shouldn’t you try to put your best face forward? Most people may think the only way to better skin is to scrap what you’ve got and get the most exclusive product, however skin goes much deeper than that. There are things such as stress, diet, exercise and sleep that can affect whether we are looking awake and glowing… or drab and tired. You may have heard it all before, but going back to the fundamentals of our skin and body really can work wonders with just a little bit of dedication and attention. It’s not hard! These changes shouldn’t be temporary – it’s a lifestyle! Like Willian Shakespeare said, “our bodies are our gardens – our wills our gardeners.” The best advice to begin enhancing your skin is having strong dedication and willpower.

1. Invest in good quality skincare and stick to it!

Why should you invest in quality skincare? The proof is in the pudding! A cosmeceutical grade skincare has a lot to offer your skin, starting with a high potency of active ingredients and specifically formulated products for the actives that are encapsulated to reach the levels of the skin where they are going to create change! Unfortunately, skincare products from the chemist and supermarket have to be suitable for anyone who picks them up off the shelf… meaning little active ingredient and little change in skin concerns. There are a multitude of products out there and they aren’t meant for everyone, that’s why a cosmeceutical range of products will require the expertise of dermal therapists in a skin clinic to prescribe.

1. Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Not only will a colourful diet of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats aid in glowing skin, but they also influence the function of your mind and body. Simply, you are what you eat! Selecting to consume a colourful palette of fruits and veggies can help protect your skin from cellular damage due to the powerful antioxidant properties. With proper consumption of healthy fats like avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds, this can prevent skin dryness as those essential fatty acids are nourishing to our cell membranes and create a vibrant, radiant complexion.

3. Practice more self-care aka more me time!

Sadly in today’s day and age, hustle culture has pushed self-care to the back of everyone’s mind. It can be hard to switch from a fast-paced mentality and take the time to slow down a little and create mindful moments. Family, work, friends, exercise, AND time to yourself – it’s a lot to juggle. Our top tip is to take time daily, even if it’s 15 minutes, or 5 minutes, try to build on the habit so self-care is a part of your life every day. Create a self-care ritual! Whether it’s a walk in the morning, or time to journal before you go to bed, as long as you are doing something daily for you. This active management of mental health can lower stress and increase your energy daily for life!

4. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes

The act of getting our heart rate up not only improves circulation, it can also deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin which promotes new cell growth and collagen production! This makes exercise not only anti-ageing but a great way to get a healthy glow on naturally. Exercise is an outlet and has been proven to reduce stress which can be a massive factor contributing to dull, aged skin. Stress can also induce hives, breakouts, eczema and rosacea flare-ups so creating a stress-free environment OR taking that stress out in a healthy way like going for a jog or hitting the gym for a spin class… all those endorphins create a healthier mind and therefore healthier body.

5. Get a good night’s rest

Yes, we all know this one. And we will tell you again! Sleep is incredibly important in not only reducing puffy, tired eyes… it affects so much more. Did you know, inadequate sleep affects your decision making, meaning those who do not get the recommended 7 hours sleep consecutively a night are more prone to poor decisions. Could that takeout your get on your way home every night be adding to the dull skin and breakouts? Also, the skin creates collagen during your sleep to prevent fines lines and sagging, so less sleep is a one-way ticket to wrinkle town! The bottom line here is beauty sleep is real, and we all need it.

By Riley McDonald
Dermal therapist at CosmediSpa