Our superstar sonophoresis is a popular skin treatment or add on to a facial to infuse active serums deeper into the skin. Its kind of like your skins helping-hand – ensuring you get the most of out of a serum by permeating the skin for an amplified glow.

Sonophoresis, nicknamed ‘sono’ for short – treats dry and dehydrated skin, uneven tone, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, dark under eye circles and acne-prone skin.

When we apply serums onto our skin we average 80% absorption into the skin, but when sonophoresis is utilised you get a whopping 800% absorption! All those actives working in the deeper layers of the skin where damage can lay. The handpiece (similar to that of a smooth glide of warmth) is run across your skin in as little as ten minutes to offer you hydrated, plump and glowing skin for days.

Its soothing, relaxing, result driven and ultra-safe.

How does it work?

Sonophoresis is a non-invasive, ultra-safe treatment that temporarily disrupts the lipid barrier using ultrasonic technology to increase the depth and rate active ingredients are absorbed into the skin. This provides intense trans-epidermal delivery of active ingredients in the chosen serums. Your treating therapist will discuss your skin concerns and skin goals to discern which serum will be the best for you.

Our dermal therapists recommend adding it into your facial or onto an LED treatment, but it’s also perfect just on its own. With events coming up and the winter weather chipping away at our gorgeous skin, it’s an ideal pick me up pre-event or a lunch break treatment for those pressed with time. Pretty much – its perfect for everyone!

By Riley McDonald
Dermal Therapist and CosmediSpa.