Patient M was self-conscious about lines and wrinkles. What a result!



This means that our skin loses a lot of its natural elasticity and plumpness that keeps it from wrinkling and sagging when we are younger. Genetics, skin type, UV exposure (especially on the Gold Coast!), smoking and other factors can cause our skin to age and sag.

In this case study, our patient (we’ll call her patient M) felt that her cheek and jowl areas had become saggy and wrinkled. This was a source of anxiety for her as she often felt self conscious about this area, but the lines were too deep to completely cover with concealer and the miracle of makeup can’t stop sagging skin! So she approached Gaynor Simpson (our anti aging injections expert) at the clinic to help.

Patient M was thrilled with the result, the procedure was relatively painless and as you can see from the cheek filler before and after images this dermal filler treatment was very effective.

As you can see from the images, the correct administration of cheek and jowl Gold Coast dermal fillers plumps and removes the droopiness from the skin whilst filling in the deeper and difficult to hide lines in the skin though it is important to remember that results are individual.

We always aim for a natural look (people aren’t Barbie dolls!) and you can see in this cheek fillers before and after that some lines are still present though faded. It wouldn’t do to have no lines at all in just one area of your face now would it!

If you would like to see more before and after shots or learn more about Cheek fillers and Anti Aging Injections at Cosmedispa Gold Coast you book a consultation or call us on 07 5580 0403 to chat with our expert staff.

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