The term cosmeceuticals may sound like a bit of a funny word; however, cosmeceuticals are substances designed to enhance skin through targeting biological processes. The word itself is a blending of the terms cosmetic and pharmaceutical, indicating the goal of having both cosmetic and medical effects on users. In other words, while cosmetics change the appearance of skin, cosmeceuticals change its function, targeting the way skin cells work.

Cosmeceuticals for skin care are designed to achieve their goals by utilizing effective delivery methods to introduce the active ingredient into the target site. This means that cosmeceuticals use ingredients with small molecular structures that can better penetrate skin. While there are a variety of different types of cosmeceuticals, many of them share similar properties or goals. Some benefits of various types of cosmeceuticals include protecting against sun damage and aging, removing free radicals, reducing inflammation, improving skin texture, inhibiting aging processes, and stimulating collagen production.

The inherent question that many people ask is whether or not cosmeceuticals actually work? The answer is that it depends. The cosmeceutical industry, unlike the pharmaceutical industry, is not currently sufficiently regulated. Cosmeceuticals are typically tested for safety and some are clinically tested for their intended effects; however, not all are clinically proven to work. This means that consumers will likely want to do a bit of research into their use of cosmeceuticals for skin care.

There are benefits to the fact that cosmeceuticals are not overly regulated. This means that consumers can gain quality skincare over the counter without prescriptions. It also means that cosmeceuticals are less expensive than they would be if they had to meet the same standards as pharmaceuticals (often years of rigorous testing). However, there is a risk that the client will not get what they paid for when they purchase cosmeceuticals.

How can people ensure that they are receiving the promised benefits of cosmeceuticals for skin care? The best option is to ensure that they are going to a reputable provider that has experience understanding the functionality of cosmeceuticals and which ones are most effective.

Many locations such as CosMediSpa carefully curate and handpick the cosmeceuticals that they offer in order to ensure that clients get the most for their money. CosMediSpa’s cosmeceuticals are scientifically formulated, the highest quality on the market, free from harsh chemicals, and never tested on animals. This ensures that consumers can be confident in their purchase. Thus, when considering cosmeceuticals for skin care, be sure to ask many questions about which products are best for you and their benefits.