Factor 4

Factor 4 Treatments

Harness your body’s natural healing properties to treat fine lines, stretch marks and more

FACTOR 4 ‘The next generation collagen stimulating serum treatment’

The next generation collagen stimulating blood-serum treatment using 100% of your own blood cells. Factor 4 or Autologous Anti-ageing Serum is a highly concentrated and super rich blood serum containing four times more growth factors and anti- inflammatory proteins which aid in quicker healing process and less downtime.

A FACTOR4 treatment naturally stimulates your body’s own collagen – benefiting skin elasticity, significantly slowing down the skins ageing process, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, reducing pores and scars and improving the skins overall texture & tone giving your skin a much more youthful look and feel.


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Cosmedispa skin care clinic is based at Oxenford on the Gold Coast providing non surgical cosmetic procedures and laser treatment.

We are a non surgical cosmetic clinic and offer Laser Skin RejuvenationAnti Ageing injectablesAdvanced Skin NeedlingChemical PeelsIPL for Permanent Hair Reduction or Skin Rejuvenationredness and pigmentation and Microdermabrasion.
We also provide  FacialsEyelash Tinting and more! 

Cosmedispa is widely recognised as one of the best skin care clinics on the Gold Coast


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