How does it work?
The FACTOR4 process begins with blood being drawn into specially made blood collection tubes, then incubated for 6 – 9 hours at 37 degrees – this incubation period allows platelets to grow to 4x their natural size followed by the release of vital growth factors, blood tubes are then spun in a centrifuge followed by the harvested plasma extracted and filtered to become a highly concentrated serum. The final serum product contains a high level of growth factors and cytokines (a cytokines job is to send signals out to other cells telling them they need to report for duty), this then triggers the body’s own cells to improve hair growth and stimulate the actual hair follicles.What FACTOR4 Hair Loss Treatment can do:
• Slow down hair loss
• Aid in the growth of thicker hair
• Boost scalp condition and health
• Assist in the treatment of dry, itchy or inflamed scalp conditions
We have seen the best results from FACTOR4 in men & women in the early stages of hair loss (where thinning of the hair is seen just along the hair line) Factor 4 is suitable for most females & men suffering from hair loss but also anyone who is wanting to improve the thickness and texture of their hair even if they are not suffering hair loss as such.
Unlike invasive hair transplant treatment’s, the FACTOR4 procedure has minimal pain and a numbing cream is applied before the treatment to ensure maximum comfort. There is no significant downtime, the skin where treated will appear red and hair will have a slightly wet look, we always recommend to not wash hair for 12 hours.
Of course, before any treatment we perform in clinic we recommend a thorough consult with one of our Dermal Therapists who can assess the problem area and create a tailor-made treatment plan just for you.Related Tags: Gold Coast Skin Clinic