Here at Cosmedispa we offer skin and injectable consultations – this is dedicated time with your respective dermal therapist or nurse to chat everything about you and your skin! During this time, we discuss your specific skin concerns and how we will achieve your goals.

Step 1: Gathering information

The first place we always start is by asking you to fill in a medical and skin history questionnaire so can get it all out on the table! This includes asking your main skin concerns, what products you use daily, the types of treatments you have had in the past, allergies, and when your last skin check was.

Step 2: Observ Skin analysis

Following this, we will then cleanse and inspect the skin – this way we can take a closer look and identify your areas of focus.
In clinic we have some amazing technology available one being the Observ 520 that scans your skin and show us exactly where pigmentation, dehydration and oil flow are in the skin. This gives us a completely accurate overview of your skin and can be a great tool in helping us diagnose skin conditions and achieve your skin goals.

Step 3: Visual analysis

On top of the Observ analysis we also like to visually look at your skin under the magnifying lamp to gain insight on the current skin texture, hydration and other factors.


Step 4: Treatment plan formulation

During this consultation we collaborate with you to formulate the most appropriate plan. This includes factors such as skincare routine going forward, skin treatment plan, diet, lifestyle and general health, taking any of your cost concerns into account. This way we gain insight over the large picture, as there’s much more to your skin than just what you apply or the treatments you have!
The skin consultation is your first and most integral step into improving your concerns! From here onwards we set out a blueprint and timeline for achieving your goals.

Step 5: Action!

After this, the ball is in your court! It is up to you to follow the recommendation of your practitioner. Looking after your skin is like signing up to the gym, we can give you all the tools but you have to do the work. Its not a one stop shop and requires dedication and commitment!

Taking care of your skin can be daunting if you’re not sure where to start – that’s why we are here to help and guide you along the way. You can relax and trust in the expertise of your specified dermal therapist or nurse!

By Riley McDonald
Dermal Therapist