If you are seeking a highly effective treatment that erases fine lines, removes deep wrinkles, marionette lines, frown lines and other signs of aging on your face, hands and other areas then you certainly aren’t alone in that search! And if you have been searching then you are probably considering muscle relaxants or Gold Coast dermal fillers injections. If you weren’t before, I bet you are now!

A great choice, but before you choose a provider there are three questions you MUST ask of any clinic offering anti ageing injectables. These questions can help you be safe, save money and get you the best bang for your buck! Who doesn’t want that?

1.What are your qualifications?

The first and most important question you need to ask anyone who is administering anti-ageing injectables is “What are your qualifications?”. This seems like an obvious one, but it is so often overlooked in the pursuit of erasing lines and wrinkles. Is the clinician a doctor or registered nurse and have they had experience with injectables? Anyone administering injectables must, by law, be a registered nurse or doctor who has the training to inject safely, effectively and with minimal pain.

Never just assume and don’t be afraid to ask the question. A person who is qualified won’t mind telling you so, and a poorly administered injectable is not only a waste of money, but risks infection, excessive pain and more. Anti ageing injectables are safe and effective, but only in the right hands.

2. “What kind of injectable is being administered?”

Note: By law, I cannot name the brands that are normally used.

Now that you know the person is qualified, it is important to check what kind of muscle relaxant or dermal filler is being administered since they vary in thickness and longevity. Since the names of products cannot be published, just ask the practice you have chosen. There are two main anti ageing injectables approved for use in Australian by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Knowing what product is being used helps to ensure that the correct dose is being administered so you get the same longevity and effectiveness you deserve.

3. “What is the cost per unit?”

Injectables are sold on a per unit basis. Depending on the individual and area of treatment you will need a certain number of units. You reason you need to ask what the units cost is that some providers may offer a lower per unit price for a product they know they need to use three times the amount of for the same effect!

You still get some results but at a much higher cost!

This unfairly takes advantage of the trust you place in your clinic and I think that is wrong! The best injectables providers will always be honest and upfront with you about what and how many units of muscle relaxants are being used.

So when you are considering anti ageing injectable treatment from a non surgical cosmetic clinic and skin clinic remember: Are you qualified? What do you use? How many units of muscle relaxants or ml’s of filler do you use?

With these in mind, you can get the best value, save money and most importantly have a safe anti ageing injectables experience.

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